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여행자 등록 우리와 함께 일하십시오.침대와 아침 식사 검색 Serbia 리뷰 및 여행자 권장 사항 너의 침대와 아침 식사와 여관 예약 확인

최고의 침대와 아침 식사 거래와 여관 ...에서 Serbia

침대와 아침 식사 예약 Serbia
저렴한 B & A, B Serbia

높은 정격 장소 Serbia


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여기에 최고의 평가 베드 & A이다; 가장 인기있는 대상 도시에서 아침 식사.  좋아하는 도시 근처의 모든 속성 (으)로 검색 범위를 확장 할 수있는 위치를 선택합니다. 지금 온라인으로 즉시 예약 할 책을 선택합니다.

최고 평점 장소:

Belgrade, Serbia

The Belgrade Hills속도에서 €55
Belgrade, Volgina 25A   
Apartment - New Hostel for business travellers, de luxe rooms..
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Hostel Le Jardin속도에서 €10
Belgrade, Bojanska 22   
호스텔 - 도시의 어디에 좋은 대중 교통, 도시의 근처에 중심에 위치하고 있습니다. 아름다운 테라스와 정원이있는. 도시의 하트에 있지만 멀리 시끄러운 거리의 한적한 느낌.
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The Big Hostel속도에서 €8
Belgrade, Jevrejska 24/1   
호스텔 - 발칸과 동유럽에서 가장 큰 호스텔에 오신 것을 환영합니다!
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Chillton속도에서 €10
Belgrade, Katanićeva 7   
Hostel - Chillton hostel is the best place to meet other travelers and explore Belgrade on the best way - from inside!
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Hostel Eldorado속도에서 €10
Belgrade, Prote Mateje 46   
Hostel - Wanna feel the spirit of Belgrade? Our hostel is perfect for those looking for a relaxed and quiet stay in Belgrade We offer private accommodation in double room and 5, 6 and 8-bed dormitory, chill out room for all guest and wonderful garden with BBQ
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Dali Hostel속도에서 €10
Belgrade, Kosovska 3   
Hostel - Best located Hostel in Belgrade
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Design Residence Inn속도에서 €50
Belgrade, Zmaj Jovina 7   
Bed and breakfast - Design Residence Inn is a quiet boutique hotel located in Belgrade's Old Town.
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Guest House Belgrade속도에서 €22
Belgrade, Arčibalda Rajsa 48   
Guesthouse - Guest house belgrade ,free parking,free WI FI,pick up servise,lux accomodation,cheap,
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Hostel Studio속도에서 €21
Belgrade, Knićaninova 12   
Hostel - Hostel Studio is designed for urban young people with free spirit… Hostel Studio is located just 100 metres from the pedestrian Knez Mihailova Street and 200 metres from Kalemegdan Fortress and Park. It features a sun terrace and a garden with a ba
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Hostel Friends속도에서 €11
Belgrade, Cara Uroša 7   
Hostel - May those who enter as guests leave as Friends!
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Bed and Breakfast Belgrade속도에서 €17
Belgrade, Kapetan-Mišina 16   
Bed and breakfast - Bed and breakfast Belgrade
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Belgrade Modern Hostel속도에서 €19
Belgrade, Makedonska 21   
Hostel - With the desire to bring together the seemingly impossible, adventure and enjoyment, affordable accommodation and a fantastic location in the city center, we created Belgrade Modern Hostel.
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Hostel Sky 10속도에서 €6
Belgrade, Svetogorska 37   
Hostel - We offer excellent hospitality, great prices, clean and cozy rooms. Perfect place to meet travelers and relax. Open all year around - 24/7
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Chaplin Hostel Belgrade속도에서 €10
Belgrade, Carlija Caplina No. 14   
Hostel - Small and cozy hostel located in a quiet and safe area of Belgrade, though not far from the city center
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Habitat Hostel속도에서 €12
Belgrade, Kneza Milosa 4   
Hostel - Welcome to your Belgrade's home! We are happy, friendly, cute, place in the city center where it is easy to find new friends. If you're traveling solo, you will not be solo for much longer. 20 new friends are waiting.
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Novi Beograd, Serbia

San Art Floating Hostel속도에서 €15
Novi Beograd, Ušće Bb   
Hostel - San Art Hostel is a new floating hostel, opened in Summer 2012. It is located on the Danube river, close to the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, in a tranquil and quiet atmosphere of water and wood.
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Novi Sad, Serbia

Hostel Terasa속도에서 €12
Novi Sad, Svetozara Miletića 43   
Hostel - Our hostel is located in city centar with big terrace which is common area.Besides accommodation,we offer a widerange of interesting activities.
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BB Girasole속도에서 €35
Novi Sad, Stevana Milovanova 6A   
Bed and breakfast - The bed and breakfast Girasole is extremely comfortable and ideally located in the heart of Novi Sad for those who are here on vacation, dental tourism, on a business trip, or here to study.
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Prizren, Serbia

Hotel Albatros속도에서 €29
Prizren, St. Besim Shala, N. N. Prizren, Kosovo   
Hotel - modern hotel, perfect rooms, terrace with mountain/ city view, pool, garden, free parking,..
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Uzice, Serbia

Little 15속도에서 €15
Uzice, Rujevac Bb   
Hostel - Hostel Little 15 is a beautiful villa, situated in Sevojno, suburb of Uzice.
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Paracin, Serbia

Villa Modex속도에서 €25
Paracin, Tome Zivanovica Bb   
Guesthouse - Besprekoran smestaj sa doruckom uz ljubazno osoblje hotela.
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Pristina, Serbia

The White Tree Hostel속도에서 €10
Pristina, Mujo Ulqinaku No. 59   
Hostel - Drawing from our hostel experiences while traveling, we decided to bring together the best of what we saw internationally with the well-known local hospitality.
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Prishtina Center Hostel속도에서 €10
Pristina, Boulevard Mother Theresa 14/7   
Hostel - Prishtina Center Hostel offers dormitory accommodation with balcony in Kosovo's capital city Prishtina.
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최고의 침대와 아침 식사 거래와 저렴한 침대와 아침 식사 Serbia - Europe B and B.

도시에 대한 더 많은 최고 등급의 숙박 시설 Serbia:

Belgrade 베드 앤 브랙퍼스트
Kotor 베드 앤 브랙퍼스트
Novi Beograd 베드 앤 브랙퍼스트
Novi Sad 베드 앤 브랙퍼스트
Paraćin 베드 앤 브랙퍼스트
Pristina (Priština) 베드 앤 브랙퍼스트
Prizren 베드 앤 브랙퍼스트
Ulcinj 베드 앤 브랙퍼스트
Užice 베드 앤 브랙퍼스트
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